We believe strength training is the foundation to any goal.At Sparta our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach to strength and conditioning matched with an amazing community experience.Our programs name suggests,getting stronger both physically and mentally,gaining flexibility,improving stamina,building lean result in our members moving improve your strength Sparta Gym provides the best equipment and the best trainers who also provide the advice for our customers to make sure they meet their expectation.


Another section that may scare a new gym member is the group fitness area. Most clubs will have at least one studio for classes and, often, this studio will have glass , doors and windows so that everyone can see in.That alone is enough to scare some people away, but don't run off just yet. If you scroll through the classes Sparta gym offers, you may find something you've always wanted to try...and now is your chance,don't be scared come and join Fitness classes at Sparta Gym in Dar es Salaam,with the best Trainers and Equipment we will make you the best.


it’s time to answer the bell to become more fit, more powerful and more confident.Sparta gym in Dar es Salaam is in your corner – with great boxing fitness classes led by fitness pros and boxing champs. in addition to boxing fitness classes for all levels,we offer serious boxing training for amateur and professional fighters.Our classes, led by expert coaches are designed to have the most impact on your body which means that you will see the results faster.Our members join our club for a reason, so you’ll find yourself in a great company!


Gym Supplements are dietary supplements used to improve athletic performance, enhance body weight, promote weight loss etc. They are available in various forms such as powder, shakes, bars etc Some of the brands that we deal with are BSN Syntha 6 Whey Protein,Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein and ON Serious Mass Gainer,Dymatize, ON Platinum Pre Workout, MassTech Mass Gainer, True Mass and many others.